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      (1) Self-patented Technology
      The new type of environmental protection wall decoration board adopts new technology, has national patents, energy saving and environmental protection, wide use, competitive price, obvious advantages and broad market prospects.
      (2) Operational support
      In the initial stage of operation, the company provided free planning, design and construction guidance for image stores, free training for purchase and installation, and various types of product application programs.
      (3) Regional protection
      The company set up regional full-powered agents to avoid the phenomenon of collusion and ensure the sales market of agents.
      (4) Opening materials
      The company will provide complete samples, promotional materials and relevant certificates to support the opening of the new store.
      (5) After-sales service
      Order placing, documentary, product quality problem solving channels, problem feedback channels, etc., each link will have a special responsible person to communicate with you, wholeheartedly provide supreme service to customers.

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